News Haiti TV Live TeleJournal 8 Aout 2023


The time for a new approach in Haiti is long overdue. The lives and wellbeing of millions of Haitians are at stake. We must respond not with fatigue or resignation, but with renewed commitment to work alongside them in forging a brighter and more hopeful future. And with much of Port-au-Prince and nearby areas beset by such brutality, Haiti’s ongoing humanitarian crisis could soon become a catastrophe. Close to half of the country’s population urgently needs humanitarian assistance, including almost 3 million children, according to on-the-ground information collected by our staff. Children are killed walking outside or recruited to participate in the fighting, kidnappings for ransom are on the rise and rates of sexual and gender-based violence are surging . On my most recent visit to Haiti in June, I met another health care worker who had been kidnapped. Thankfully, she was later released.

News Haiti TV Live TeleJournal 8 Aout 2023
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